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Super Bowl 50, Levi's Stadium: numbers and facts

levi's stadium details architecture

The countdown to Super Bowl 50 has started! This year's NFL gran finale (the 50th edition in history), between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, will be played on the next 7th February, at the Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, California. The new San Francisco 49ers' stadium was chosen in 2013, even before its completion a year later. This will be the first Super Bowl in the San Francisco Bay area since 1985 and also a reminder of the first ever SB, played in 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Designed by HNTB, with architect Fernando Vazquez, this building is a proper giant and it doesn't want to hide its dimensions, spaces and structural elements. Let's discover numbers and facts about the Levi's Stadium, prior to the biggest american sporting event of the year.

levi's stadium details architecture
ph Jim Simmons


built: April 2012 - July 2014
inaugurated: 17th July 2014

$220 mln, deal giving Levi's the naming rights for the next 20 years. Five more years could be agreed for further $75 mln.

172.000 sq mt, the entire surface covered by the ground.

68.500 seats
75.000 seats for special events, like the Super Bowl.

165, "luxury" boxes with tables and tv screens.

2 open squares for the fans, each one of 1.600 sq mt.

1.900 sq mt, the San Francisco 49ers museum size: 11 gallery and exhibition spaces, open 7 days a week (admission $15 adults - $10 children and reductions). The stadium tour takes 90 minutes and has the same opening hours as the museum's.

61m x 15m, dimensions of the two scoreboards inside the stadium.

24.000, parking spaces.

levi's stadium wifi details


40 Gb/sec, internet connection speed within the ground.
640 km of internet cables through the entire building, 112 km for wi-fi only.
1.500 Wi-Fi access points, providing connections for up to 60.000 fans.

1, the official stadium mobile app allowing fans to:
  • order food, beverages or merchandise directly from any seat and have it delivered by a runner in 20 minutes,
  • watch replays instantly after any live play,
  • pin your car and receive the fastest way to your seat, to a specific merchandise/food stand or to the bathroom with the shortest wait,
  • buy and exchange tickets or buy parking passes in advance.

levi's stadium green roof


1.900 sq mt of solar panels inside and outside the stadium. They provide enough energy for ten 49ers hoome games (and they've been installed even on the two pedestrian bridges outside the ground, pic below).

50%, recycled water will be used to irrigate the pitch and for any other use within the ground. The special "Bermuda Bandera" grass used for the field requires 50% less water than an average football pitch.

2.500 sq mt, the entire surface covered by the green roof, installed on top of the south-west stand (pic above), presenting 40 different species of local vegetation. And more, the wood used for structural elements of the stadium is reclaimed wood from an old local airplane hangar (located in Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA).

levi's stadium details architecture
ph Jim Simmons


  • Levi's Stadium both structurally and architecturally impressive, by John King, San Francisco Chroniclelink
  • Behind the scenes at the San Francisco 49ers's new high-tech stadium, by Jordan Kushins, link
  • Levi's gain value behind naming rights, di Alicia Jessop, Forbeslink

levi's stadium details architecture

levi's stadium details architecture
ph Michael Short/SF Chronicle

levi's stadium details architecture
ph James Tensuan/SF Chronicle


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