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France, how the "Football Ground League" actually works

championnat des tribunes

The Championnat de France des Tribunes actually is the french Football Ground League. It's not a board game or a card game like Match Attax or something. It is really a "league", despite it can't be played onto the pitch.

The Championnat des Tribunes is an LFP's idea (Ligue de Football Professionel) and it's had its format renewed this year - although it's been on, in different forms, since the 1950s - "to encourage the joyful spirit of the football match, promoting fan engagement and honouring Club efforts in order to enhance the positive impact on the general public".
The Comité Stratégique des Stades, a LFP section created at the start of 2013, which deals with every aspect concerning Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 football grounds, is deputized to develop and promote this league. That's why the Championnat des Tribunes is organized in parallel to the two french football league seasons.

There are four main criterias involved and every one of them, every week, gives points to the home team:

  • loyalty;
  • atmosphere;
  • fan enagegement;
  • football club efforts.

ligue 2 championnat tribunes
AS Nancy-Lorraine fans. The Club won the Ligue 2 Championnat des Tribunes in 2014/2015 - ph Ligue 2

Loyalty is based on attendances. It's measured as a load factor percentage of the ground, although it's referred to the home fans only:

(total attendance - away fans) / (total ground capacity - away section capacity)

A different amount of points is assigned to the result:
  • 50% or less: 0 points
  • 51% to 60%: 1 pt
  • 61% to 70%: 2 pts
  • 71% to 80%: 3 pts
  • 81% to 90%: 4 pts
  • 91% to 100%: 6 pts
Atmosphere is the second aspect, in other words "the ability of the home fans to be the 12th man". This is where the fans play their part and this criteria aims to encourage a positive way fo supporting the team, chanting and displaying great choreographies. Two journalists attending the game are designated to vote, as it follows:
  • poor: 0 points
  • average: 1 pt
  • good: 2 pts
  • outstanding: 3 pts

ligue 1 championnat tribunes
Every Facebook "like" counts and this is an example from the Ligue 1 official page
Social networks come on stage for the third criteria, the fan engagement. LFP take new medias in great account (they have one of the best websites around and high quality in posting news and updates). Every week a photo for every upcoming league game is published on the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 Facebook official pages and the more "likes" are received the more points will be won by the home team.

Ligue 1:
  • less than 1000 likes: 0 points
  • 1001 to 2000 likes: 1 pt
  • 2001 to 4999 likes: 2 pts
  • more than 5000 likes: 4 pts
Ligue 2:
  • less than 500 likes: 0 points
  • 501 to 1000 likes: 1 pt
  • 1001 to 3999 likes: 2 pts
  • more than 4000 likes: 4 pts
Last, but not least, the Clubs efforts to promote football within the so called "new fans". This is very much about promotions on ticket prices for familieswomenstudents and youngsters. Club must send official copy of "what's on" to the LFP, not more than 24hrs after the game, and everything will result in a certain amount of points:
  • one or more promotions for families: 1 pt
  • one or more promotions for women: 1 pt
  • one or more promotions for students: 1 pt
  • one or more promotions for via social networks: 1 pt
  • one or more promotions from every of the categories above: 1 bonus point
Points from these four categories, added together, contribute to the league table, published on the LFP website every week (here), where it's clear which is the best fans+Club pair or where you can get the best matchday experience. Every single criteria is also highlighted in a dedicated column and this is an interesting thing, as you can always get a full stadium without atmosphere or vice versa, etc. Last season, Guingamp (Stade de Roudourou) won the Ligue 1 Championnat title for the second year in a row, in front of PSG and Caen, while the best Club in Ligue 2 were Nancy (Stade Marcel-Picot), in front of Dijon and Troyes.

Anyway, whether you're a groundhopper or a tourist, if you want to attend a french league match the Championnat des Tribunes league table is something to have a good look at, and certainly a great idea to involve Clubs and fans, encouraging both to live football and positively work for its improvements.

to learn more:
  • Championnat des Tribunes, official web page, (french), link
Guingamp fans. The Club won the Ligue 1 Championnat title last year - ph EAG

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