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OmaSP Stadion, the new ground of SJK Seinäjoki

We're having some new grounds around Europe lately, like those we've seen in France for Euro2016, or the Arena CSKA in Russia and the Vodafone Arena in Turkey. Today, though, we'll look at a smaller stadium, opened only a few months ago, standing out for his remarkable planning: it's the OmaSP Stadion, in Seinäjoki, Finland.(header pic @ twitter Selkasauna)

From Dortmund to Glasgow, when the Westfalenstadion shaped Ibrox renovation

Writing about Dortmund's Westfalenstadion (or Signal Iduna Park, if you prefer) is easy. Most of european football fans are well aware of the great atmosphere of this ground, with its colossal grandstands and the layout of the all-standing Sudtribune.

Recently, though, this stadium has been on the frontline of the ongoing talk about introducing safe standing sections in England. It's a towering example of "things working very well" but what's interesting is to understand why it is what it is.

The story begins 40 years ago, when the newly built german ground instantly becomes a role-model for Ibrox renovation, first, and for the 90s football ground new guidelines, then.

90 years of the Stadio San Siro, a legacy of football and architecture

Rarely, in recent years, I've experienced as many emotions while visiting a football ground as those times I went to the Stadio San Siro. Everyone has his favorite stadiums, places we dream to go to or grounds where we had "the time of our life". It's the power of football and the Meazza means exactly that to me. It's still the first name that springs to my mind when thinking of a football ground. I'm attached with it in some way. It's an icon.
This year the Stadio San Siro celebrates its 90th birthday and what better than writing about it, in a fitting tribute to its history and architectural legacy.

From cricket to soccer, the journey of Central Broward Stadium

You can build a new stadium or you can do with what you already have. The second choice is not always easier, especially if you're a soccer Club and moving into a cricket ground. Renovation is the key word, in this cases, but it must be done in a wise way.

That's what the Fort Lauderdale Strikers have just done with their "new" Central Broward Stadium, an interesting case of adaptation and preservation of the building's main features.

Leigh Sports Village, promoting sport and inspiring the local community

I usually write about football grounds here, whether they're big or small, old or new. They're commonly single buildings, stadiums on their own. Today, though, I'm going to tell you more about an interesting sporting complex between Manchester and Wigan, in Leigh. A town with a population of around 50,000 people in the Greater Manchester area, under the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, where the Leigh Sports Village was inaugurated less than ten years ago.