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Leigh Sports Village, promoting sport and inspiring the local community

leigh sports village stadium

I usually write about football grounds here, whether they're big or small, old or new. They're commonly single buildings, stadiums on their own. Today, though, I'm going to tell you more about an interesting sporting complex between Manchester and Wigan, in Leigh. A town with a population of around 50,000 people in the Greater Manchester area, under the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, where the Leigh Sports Village was inaugurated less than ten years ago.

We're in the middle of an area with such a passion for sport, especially rugby and football, with this little town only a few miles away from Wigan, Manchester, or even Liverpool, Blackburn and Bolton.

Leigh Sports Village, built between 2007 and 2008, did cost around £50mln, and it is a great boost to the life of the local community in the way it can help and promote sport and education.

leigh stadium italia russia rugby league

On Friday November 4th 2016 (at the end of this week while I'm writing) this complex will host the rugby league playoff match between Italy and Russia*, a crucial encounter to gain a place in the next 2017 World Cup.

* ticket prices are from £5 to £10, every info on the LSV website -> link

Rugby league is a very well known sport around here with the main building of the complex, the Leigh Sports Village Stadium, being home of the local team, the Leigh Centurions. This is a 12,000-capacity ground, with three all-seater stands and a standing end - the North Stand. The stadium is fully covered with a structure provided by Brett Martin Company  (they have a great experience with works in Stamford Bridge, Emirates Stadium, Twickenhm, Brighton and Cardiff), consisting in a 4,000 m² sheeting encircling the ground and creating a light atmosphere for the spectators, while protecting them from the elements.

leigh sports village stadium

The stadium only did cost around £17mln and it features a hybrid surface, from the Desso GrassMaster series: filaments were sown into the pitch to a depth of 20 cm helping the seed to put down new roots that eventually wrapped around the filaments, making the pitch more stable.

This is not only the home of a rugby league team but also of Manchester United u23s and needs to be ready for almost 40-50 matches in less than 9 months.

It's not all about the stadium, anyway. At the Leigh Sports Village there's also a Holiday Inn Express, with 135 rooms, just outside the front door of the main ground. A fully equipped 400m athletic track is also there as well as some artificial grass pitches available for hire (ten 6-a-side pitches, two full size pitches for football and two for rugby). These pitches meet the highest standard set by FIFA and the International Rugby Board and are also boasted by quality facilities and dressing rooms for the players and referees.

Hospitality and meeting areas are also there, with the chance to book some dedicated rooms of the LSV complex for wedding parties, conferences and so on. The Leigh Indoor Sports Center, finally, has a 25m indoor pool, plus a sports hall and a gym and is dedicated to promote sport and education (here), with a busy schedule of courses and activity, even in partnership with the Wigan and Leigh College.

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leigh sports village stadium

leigh sports village stadium

leigh sports village stadium

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